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Spreading the seeds of knowledge

to help teachers bloom



Our approach is simple. We prepare you for your passion.


At Blossom, we understand that moving to a new country and teaching in a foreign culture is a big change. So we do everything in our power to prepare you for the move. From the moment you apply, you will be in good hands. With our straightforward process, you'll be set up and ready to teach in no time!

We prepare you for the job you love by providing:


  • Help with Accomodation
  • Teaching Knowledge
  • Cultural Exposure
  • Classroom Materials
  • Fun Travel Opportunities


1. Apply


Fill out our 5 minute application and submit all necessary materials.

2. Interview


Pass a 15-30 minute interview to review your qualifications for the job.

3. Learn


Attend our one-week course in Vietnam to learn how to teach Vietnamese students.

4. Teach


Match with the right school to fit your teaching needs, and you're good to go!





How long will I work?

You can sign on with Blossom for either a 5-month or 10-month teaching job, with higher salary and preferences given to teachers who stay a full 10 months.


How expensive is Vietnam?

Vietnam, relative to many Western countries, is quite inexpensive to live in. With average meals costing from $1-3 USD, you can live comfortably for as little as $500 USD per month.


What activities or programs are available to me?

In addition to an initial week of learning about the job, we offer weekend trips to various beautiful locations near the Hanoi area. Through being connected with Blossom, you can have an accomodation to stay


Where will I be teaching?

We are based out of Từ Sơn, Vietnam, which is approximately 20km (or a 30 minute bus ride) from the eclectic and bustling city of Hanoi. The schools you have the opportunity to teach at are all within 30 minutes of Blossom's teaching center. And they range from public primary and secondary schools, to private English teaching centers.


What certification do I need?

We are searching for native English speakers who have received a teaching certification (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, or equivalent). However, if you are a non-native English speaker from a European country with the proper certification, please apply. As we may have a position for you.


What visa or work permit do I need?

We recommend you purchase a 3-month tourist visa for a minimal fee to get started. Once you agree to work with Blossom, we will being the process of obtaining a long-term work permit for you.


What about phones?

We will provide you with a SIM card and initial data plan to make your transition as easy as possible into the Vietnamese culture.



Blossom exists to connect certified teachers with teaching opportunities in area surrounding Hanoi, Vietnam. You will receive training to be fully prepared to teach students ranging from 5-18 years old.